What is the National Writing Project (NWP)?

The National Writing Project is a federally funded professional network of educators that seeks to assist teachers in their own writing and teaching practice.    


Is Rutgers University the only NWP site?

No, Rutgers is only one of the many university affiliated NWP sites nationally.  For a complete list see: www.nwp.org.    


What is the SI?

The SI, or Summer Institute, is a four-week summer program where fellows (teacher participants) work on their own writing, as well as create research-based, teacher-friendly demonstrations (demos) in preparation for Rutgers NWP Mid-Winter Writing Conference.  After the completion of the SI fellows become TCs (teacher consultants) and can bring their original professional demos to various school districts.    


What is a demo?

A demo is simply NWP lingo for a demonstration.  This demonstration is generally created by fellows during the Summer Institute (SI), with the guidance of the SI instructors and coaches, and is is 75 minutes in length.  Demos are presented for the first time at the Mid-Winter Writing Conference.      


Who is a TC?

A TC, or Teacher Consultant, is a member of NWP who has completed the Summer Institute and presentation at the Mid-Winter Conference.  They are now able present their demos as part of professional development workshops in various school districts around the state.    


What is the Mid-Winter Writing Conference?              

The Mid-Winter Writing Conference is Rutgers NWP's largest annual event.  It is an all day conference where new and past TCs present their demos in attendance.  The conference day also features a keynote speaker and various educational vendors.    


How do I become involved in NWP at Rutgers?            

There are many ways to become involved in NWP.  First, attend one of themany professional programs made available to teachers throughout the year.  You might also consider attending the SI and putting your expertise to work in a demonstration.     


Do I have to be an English teacher to join the NWP at Rutgers?          

No, the NWP at Rutgers welcomes teachers from all grade levels and disciplines to participate in our programs.